today is Galungan, the “second new year” in Bali, when balinese hindus celebrate the victory of dharma over adharma. according to their belief this is the time, when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth (actually the same concept of all saints as anywhere else in the world). the festivity lasts for 10 days (ends with Kuningan), with lot of ceremonies, nice dressed people, colorful offerings (not only the usual canang sari), sandal incenses, penjor poles.. and trash everywhere (yess, the negative Hungarian in me can’t skip this disturbing part of the rituals).

the warungs are closed, the streets are empty, only the temples are busy.. really, like Christmas at home, just without the cold shitty weather. anyway, the day is perfect to summarize my life, the last months and my personal challenge.

the goal of October was to spend only 3.1 million IDR in 31 days (100k limit each day).
the first week was awesome, in 8 days I spent only 794.400 IDR. the second week I spent way more money (because I rented a scooter), so the weekly spending was 1.479.672 IDR. the third week was pretty chill and even with a road trip I just overstepped the limit with the amount of 734.101 IDR. the last week was a catastrophe, too much money for nonsense things, like let people set me in situations I don’t really want or need, but I always learn, also to say “no”, anyway I closed the last 9 days with 1.130.963 IDR.

long story short, I failed the challenge. in total I spent 4.129.136 IDR; if I count the scooter with daily rental amount, then it reduces to 3.969.136 IDR (293 USD).
actually it’s not that bad (with daily 128k), and it doesn’t even mean to live on the minimum; I spent money not only for awesome food, but for travelling around, some girly stuff, massage, going out.. etc. and thanks to some shoppings done in October, I start the new month with full tank in the scooter, loaded pulsa (phone credits), don’t have to buy any food for the next 3 days, and basically have everything I need in my everyday life. extra bonus the awesome weather, the heat and full sunshine, palm trees and frangipanis all around, the ocean, the beach, the salty breeze and light scents in the air.

so I keep going! honestly, it’s not bad at all to follow how much money I spend. as I try to be more and more conscious of my consuming, it helps a lot to keep focus. I can only recommend to everyone to try this at least once.

happy Galungan!

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