The 100k challenge – ACCEPTED

breaking post before everything!

new day, new month, new challenges.. so I challenge myself to live on the edge. literally.

the concept is to make a day out of 100k IDR (it’s about 7,40$), and this for the next 31 days. (just to feel the challenge, the 100k includes not only food, but accomodation, transport, laundry.. and everything.)

honestly.. I already hate it. this is why I always had a kind of 9-5 job with good salary, to be able to spend the money for food, what I love the most. now, I “have to” limit myself not to buy everything I want to eat.. and it hurts. I LOVE FOOD.

some people say that you can travel for free. well, from their point of view it can be true, but the full picture is that someone always pays for that. if it’s not you, then the guy who gives you a lift when you are hichhiking, or who invites you for lunch, or pays you a beer. at the end nothing is for free – and I mean here not only cash, but your time or energy what you have to invest.

I’m kind of out of the cash now, this is why I make this experiment. I’m sure there will be days when I exceed the limit, like other days will not spend anything. the goal is to remain in the 3,1 million IDR budget this month. maybe I will fail and have to make the conclusion that this kind of life is not for me (I’m more a comfortable b*tch). maybe I will adapt the new situation and simple enjoy it.

September was busy.. so much inputs, observations and emotions happened. I have to settle, to channel everything, and not only to stay in one fix place, but to act, to be productive, to awake and use the inner energies. and I need routine (besides the daily beach sunset), so the controlled live at least helps to focus.

the time has come, stay tuned for the updates!

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