I am.. the BEGINNING

while waiting for my very first volcano eruption I have plenty of time to channel all the inputs and feelings of the last 30 days.
I arrived to Bali a month ago and it was and it is! full with magic.. even now when I started to write this post something happened again: an Indonesian man just asked me if I’m a healer.

after the Middle East hell, it was a real pleasure arriving to Kuala Lumpur and feeling the tasty asian humidity. the air here is full with scent of spices that pampers your chest inside, with the first deep breath you feel that familiar home-wonderland feeling. after few hours of transfer time and some delay (travelling during retrograde rocks) I arrived at my final destination: Bali.

seriously, the island smells way different than any other place around in Southeast Asia. probably it’s the perfect fusion of the lot of incense, the amazing flowers and of course the ocean. beautiful anyway.

significant events have taken place in the first 3 hours already. first of all, my immigration. thanks to some language barriers we didn’t understand each other with the immigration officer (he talked about a 60-days visa while I tried to explain that I only need a 30-days visa now as I don’t know how long I want to stay), and at the end I got a free 30-days stamp in my passport. I was tired and not really prepared about the visa topic, so I realized only next day that this is not good if I have long term plans here. (full extended visa post coming soon.)

the second thing that happened is that I lost my anklet on the plane. it was my favorite Ganesha anklet, had it for 3 years and always wore when I “needed” some protection. I’m not a religious person, but I believe in 3 things for sure: love, Ganesha and karma. so when I realized in the hostel that the anklet is lost, I was pretty freaked out that this is not possible, no no no. then I took a shower and got the impression that, maybe Ganesha led me here, to the place where I wanted to come, and he left me simply because I’m at the right place and don’t need protection anymore. and just to be a little more spiritual: I arrived to Bali even on the day when Ganesh Chaturthi started (and this was totally not planned when I booked my ticket).

the third crazy thing of the arrival: Nora en Pure. since I know her music (around 2012), I wanted to see her live. she visited Budapest several times, but I imagined this experience at the beach in sunset and not in a shitty nightclub. so when I searched for Canggu in Google, the first thing that appeared was Nora en Pure@Finns on Saturday.

everything happens with a reason and so many things in only few hours can not be a coincidence. it was a very strong push and first impression, and honestly the roller coaster still haven’t stopped. there’s some magic in each day and I’m sure that recognizing them requires open eyes and soul.. and it seems, here I have both.
in the next posts I try to summarize my experiences, even with useful tips and tricks.. honestly I want to see too how my impressions, imaginations and opinions change over time. it’s really just the beginning, I just started to learn in indirect ways, and already feel and know how much I don’t know.

ohh.. and the mentioned conversation with the Indo man: he was just sitting next to me on the bench and after few minutes he asked me for the meaning of the word “dissonant”. he was reading the book Musicophilia and we had a short but very interesting discussion about our Balinese experiences so far. after I tried to help him to understand the meaning of the word, his asked: “are you a healer”? at this moment only very few people understand why this question is heavy from a stranger. anyway, it’s just another confirmation of the good path for me.

even when I’m tired or confused and have doubts but still not a plan, I love every day, every people I meet, every food I taste and all the Bali sunsets.

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