5 reasons not to fly with SCOOT

1. because it feels like traveling in the 21st century

Scoot is a young company and you can still feel their freshness in the positive sense of the word. based on my personal experiences, flying with Air France for example is so ancient, you arrive to your destination like an old French lady, but with this yellow line it’s like being an anime character (what a metaphor). their aircrafts are new, comfortable, in the 787 Dreamliner you really feel like you are in the Space Odyssey. I am really in love with this aircraft, absolute favorite so far.. just to mention one essential: the windows are bigger and instead of plastic shades, they use electrochromism-based smart glass. just love it! Scoot offers discount flights, so of course you don’t have a screen (why not to watch movies on your mobile/tablet/laptop?.. I know you have one) and no pillow & blanket are waiting for you in your seat (why not to wear more layers or just prepare your own blanket and neck pillow?) and you will have to pay for the service (why not to get your preferred drink and food before boarding?), but think about it: do you really need all this stuff paid in a flight ticket..

2. because it has not too many destinations

this also means not so many people. big love again! the HQ is Singapore. of course in Asia they fly to all the common cities, but outside of Asia they have only 3 European (Athens, Berlin and Vladivostok), 1 US (Honolulu) and 2 Middle-East (Dubai and Jeddah) destinations. so far I’ve flew only on the EU-SG line and can state it’s amazing. of course from Singapore the plane was pretty full (what a surprise, lots of Asian tourists come to Europe), but from Athens I had a full row just for myself (also huge thanks to the super-friendly lady at the check in desk). yes, you can have luck anytime with any airline, but I haven’t had a so comfortable 12 hours flight in my life before.

3. because of no food

discount airlines work in the same way: you have a seat but you have to pay separately for anything else. on long flights people are used to getting 2 meals, limitless refreshing, movies etc. and honestly, first I was bit worried too how I will survive this endurance of flight closed inside a metal box. for the first flight I prepared a lots of food, tv shows on my tablet, charged my iPod etc. then halfway concluded that I don’t need them at all: I was okay just with some snacks and water, watched only one movie and in the meantime just relaxed. on my way back I bought only 2 pretzel and some crunchies and I haven’t felt in my body so good before. it’s more comfortable to fly with a happy (and not heavy) belly; the arrival is more fresh (even at 4am) and seriously (of course it depends on the person) I don’t miss and need warm dishes and drinks at 40.000 feet high. just give it a try!

4. because of the cheap tickets

it follows directly from the previous 3 points. Scoot is a discount airline, but as far as I know the only one that has a Europe-Asia route.. how long have we been waiting for this (and how stupid I am not to check this out earlier)! the Asian (short route) ticket prices can vary exponentially, but the European prices seem to be stagnant.. and this is amazing!

5. because I love it

I’ve flown with Scoot only 3 times, but I already love it. it’s modern, feels clean, has very good prices, kind attendants and so far the pilots driving (and especially landing) skills are okay too. with time everything looses from their coolness, but for me right now this is one of the most enjoyable airlines.

Scoot is not for everyone, but for others it is perfect!


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