THE prologue

new experiences, new thinGs to share and a very next level. without a plan I just let this flow and see where will land at the end.. simple have some fun. :)

as my last trip was pretty special compared to the past, some pre information is needed to interpret the subjective elements.

all began last NYE when I promised myself not to start the next year freezing in the cold again. I said Fiji, but as the travel plan evolved the location changed too, however I kept my promise.
since Brasil I travel alone and this time I raised the stakes to leave home for a whole month. 2016 was the year of overcoming fears, stepping out of the comfort zone and extend my limits. after all, this travel was more than unequivocal for me. of course I had the adrenaline push at the start, panic what the hell am I doing and why do I have so few clothes and stuff in my bag, but.. “you must do the thing you think you cannot do” and I totally agree with this sentence.

only few people knew the plan, even fewer the destinations so after an exit Random Trip (which was the best session ever!) I said goodbye to my family and checked in at BUD airport to start my big journey.

in the next posts I show you all the #throughmyeyes experiences, location-specific details and complex feelings about them, so stay tuned.. with a background music what I listened to while packing. ;)

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